Belly Rub Rumble – Browser Game

Belly Rub Rumble

Belly Rub Rumble is a fun little game that that shows just how hard it please a cat, as you attempt to stroke the belly a cat without it attacking you.

In Belly Rub Rumble you must stroke up and down your cats belly, getting a set amount of strokes in a time limit without stroking outside of the tummy area.  BUT, we all know that cats are fussy creatures, if you see your cat start to look agitated you must stop rubbing immediately or feel the full force of a cat slap.  Master this and the cat will then start to move around the screen to make things even trickier.

It’s a fun little game that illustrates just how fickle cats are, purring away contently one minute, then mauling your fingers the next.  Can you become a purrfect belly rubber?

Controls:  Mouse – Point, Click & Rub

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Belly Rub Rumble Here

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