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Beneath a Steel Sky is a classic 1994 cyberpunk point and click adventure set in a megacity that’s controlled by a fascist AI dictatorship, and it’s now been re-released for free!

Originally released back in 1994, Beneath a Steel Sky was one of the few great point and click adventures that weren’t created by Lucasarts. In the game you follow the story of Robert Foster, an orphan who grew up in the wastelands, but was later abducted and taken back to the city that he was born in. He now needs to work alongside his AI buddy, Joey, to evade capture, uncover the dark secrets of the city and perhaps find some way to liberate it.

This version of Beneath a Steel Sky is the CD version, with fully voiced dialogue and original artwork by Dave Gibbons (the artist who worked on the Watchmen graphic novel). The voice acting is a little hammy at times, but the pixel art animation and the puzzles still all hold up. It’s aged very well and the story is very engaging. A classic point and click adventure well worth checking out.

Controls: Mouse – Look, Point & Click

Available On: Steam

Download Beneath a Steel Sky Here

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