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Best In Show

Best in Show is a very silly little game in which you must attempt to escape a hotel by simultaneously manoeuvring both halves of a pantomime cow to avoid suspicion after winning a county fair ‘best in show’ rosette for livestock.

Sven and Magnus have won the coveted best in show rosette by dressing up as a pantomime cow, but unfortunately (and rather bizarrely) the organizers decided to host a party for the cow in a hotel. You must now attempt to move Sven and Magnus through the hotel and escape without getting found out. Your cow disguise is remarkably convincing (particularly the *ahem* totally authentic moo noises you can make by pressing the bumper buttons) so the only way you’ll get rumbled is if you stretch the costume too far or knock over too many objects in the fully furnished hotel.

You control both halves of the cow independently, using the left and right analogue sticks – much like in brothers (especially the opening stretcher-carrying scene). The visuals are pretty basic, the clipping is non existent at times and the cow handles like… well a cow, but Best In Show is an oddly compelling experience that’s bound to raise a smile. The bizarre premise, the wonderfully awkward control scheme and the ridiculous voice over make for a very odd, very silly fun game that may not win best in show, but would certainly be a worthwhile runner up!

Controls:  Analogue Sticks – Control a section of the horse, Bumper Buttons – Moo!  (Control Pad Only)

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Download Best In Show Here

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