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better than the rest

Better Than The Rest is an intriguing pixel art visual novel with choices that revolve around being a nice guy or killing everything in sight.

The following text will contain spoilers so we’d recommend playing the game before reading on! You are a man with a gun who goes for a walk one day. Along the way you encounter a variety of scenes that require you to make some fairly binary choices – Do you shoot a snake or pat it on the head? Do you feed the pidgeons or shoot them all? Do you hug a woman in distress or shoot her dead? Reach the end of the day and you’ll even be given the choice to shoot yourself and finish the game.

There’s no right or wrong way to play the game, and you’re not judged for your choices. At first glance all these decisions are all fairly easy – don’t be a dick, be nice and don’t shoot everything in sight. But, as you’re continually reminded, this man really does think he is ‘better than the rest’ – that either makes him a smug git for thinking that doing a few nice things makes him better than everyone else, or he’s a nutter with a gun who believes everything else is insignificant compared to him. If you’re playing as yourself, the choices are simple, but if you’re putting yourself into the mindset of someone who genuienly believes he’s ‘better than the rest?’ Things get a little murkier….

Controls:  Point & Click

Available On:  Windows Only

Download Better Than The Rest Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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