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Beyond Evolution is a beautiful little first person puzzle platforming adventure that explores the relationships between humanity, nature and technology as you evolve and climb through a landscape of floating rocks.

You start Beyond Evolution in a rocky, natural looking area of the environment, but as you explore and climb higher across the floating rock landscape your surroundings become more infused with man-made structures. While the story behind most games, movies, books and media is that technology and mankind’s encroachment on nature is bad, Beyond Evolution actually has a more optimistic and uplifting message. As you climb and are equipped with a few technological augmentations of your own, it theorizes that perhaps mankind can leave behind their old nature and use technology to evolve (rather than the devolution that appears to be happening now).

You’ll need a fairly beefy PC to play Beyond Evolution (especially with the ray tracing features on) and the platforming is fairly simple, but it’s a beautiful looking game and it has a great message behind it. A short and stylish platforming adventure that reminds you that maybe technology isn’t all bad.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, Spacebar – Jump, LMB – Interaction

Available On: Windows

Download Beyond Evolution Here

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