Big Tower Tiny Square – Browser Game

Big Tower Tiny Square

Big Tower Tiny Square is a fun little hadcore precision platformer that draws inspiration from classic single screen arcade games as you attempt to scale a giant tower and rescue a pineapple.

Each level of the tower in in Big Tower Tiny Square is a cleverly crafted single screen, that’s packed with challenging obstacles and deadly hazards. Your tiny little pixel character will have to run, jump, wall jump, wall slide and swim all the way to the top of the tower to rescue a pineapple in distress.

It’s a tough game, but it rarely gets too frustrating due to the generous respawn points and the fact that if you die it’s generally your fault. A challenging and well crafted little precision platformer that’s well worth checking out.

Controls: A/D – Left/Right,  Spacebar – Jump

Available On:  Browser Only

Greenlight Page: Here

Note: Due to the ‘zoomed out’ view of the game, we highly recommend playing this one in full screen! (Click the icon in the bottom right hand side of the window)

Play Big Tower Tiny Square Here

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