Black Gold – Downloadable Game

Black Gold is a quiet and contemplative little narrative experience where two old friends sit out the back of a pick-up truck, have a cold beer and catch up.

Originally created as a game jam game back in 2016, Black Gold is a strange little branching narrative adventure where two old pals have a beer chat under the warm Texas stars. It takes around 10 minutes to play through and sees you making dialogue choices as you chat with your buddy. All the while the stars twinkle overhead and a nodding donkey/pumpjack works away in the background.

It’s a beautiful little game that has an odd blend of magic and melancholy about it. The writing is excellent and the conversations you have with your buddy feel very authentic. It’s also worth playing through Black Gold multiple times as the dialogue choices you make can have a dramatic effect on how the narrative plays out (and there’s one narrative branch in particular where things get very weird). Highly recommended

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Black Gold Here

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