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Blackheart, no! is a very silly little physics-based adventure where three little human “beans” balance on-top of each other and try to disguise themselves as a pirate.

Created for the gm(48) game jam, Blackheart, no! Tells the story of three little human beans (not human beings) who are desperate to be pirates, but are too small. They’ve come up with a clever plan to balance atop each-other and dress up as one large pirate. This strategy has worked and secured them a place on Captain Blackheart’s pirate ship, but there are lots of unexpected events and stormy weather upcoming which may make maintaining your balancing act very tricky! If you fail to maintain your balance you will lose parts of your pirate costume until you eventually get found out and thrown off the ship.

Blackheart, no! does get frustratingly tough later on, but even still it’s a lot of fun. It’s got a great sense of humor, the audio design is excellent and each new encounter you have on the open seas is increasingly weird. A charming and delightfully silly seafaring balancing act well worth setting sail with.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows

Download Blackheart, no! Here

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