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Blade of Agony is a fantastic narrative-driven standalone Doom total conversion mod that draws inspiration from Wolfenstein 3D, Medal of Honor and the early Call of Duty games as B.J. Blazkowicz battles the Nazi forces.

Taking place during WWII in 1942, Blade of Agony follows the adventure of Cpt. William “B.J.” Blazkowicz as he sets out on top-secret missions deep into the heart of the Nazi territory. He had retired from active duty, but he’s been feeling the itch for some action for a while now and recently received an encrypted message from an old comrade, calling him back to the fight.

Blade of Agony is not just another Doom mod. It’s a fully fledged narrative-driven FPS that plays like a fusion of the Call of Duty games and Doom, infused with with a touch of Wolfenstien 3D’s Sci-Fi Nazi insanity. Its combination of low-poly models and hi-resolution sprite look incredible and the gameplay is a lot of fun, with very satisfying guns, lots of secrets and easter eggs, snazzy special effects and lots of crazy Wolfenstein-esque Nazi enemies to fight. It even has an orchestra-quality soundtrack and lots of voice acting.

It’s a superb game that manages to take the classic Doom/Wolfenstein 3D gameplay and update it for a modern era in a way that feels fresh, fun and exciting, while still harkening back to the classics. In many ways it’s better than the new Bethesda Wolfenstein games, and certainly feels like a more authentic Wolfenstein experience. Highly recommended.

Controls: Remappable in Options

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here (First Mission) and Here (Second Mission)

Download Blade of Agony Here

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