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Blast Tournament is a stylish and addictive arcade game where shot accuracy really matters, as missed shots will continue to bounce around the arena until they hit something (such as you!)

Developed by Arian Behfar (creator of Fairly Nude), Blast Tournament is an intense retro/synthwave styled arcade arena shoot ‘em up where accuracy is key. Each level takes place in a confined arena with enemies spawning until you wipe them all out and move onto the next level. However, you can’t just spray bullets in all directions and hope they hit – any bullets that miss their target will bounce around the arena until they either hit an enemy or you. This means that you have to line up your shots and be sure they’ll hit, as it’s more than likely you’ll end up eventually shooting yourself if you miss.

It’s a simple, but challenging and addictive game with a clever premise and a great retro visual style. Take care when shooting as you really are your own worst enemy in this game!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, LMB – Shoot,

Available On: Windows

Download Blast Tournament Here

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