Blind Fish – Downloadable Game

Blind Fish is an eerie atmospheric pixel art adventure where you follow mysterious sounds while looking for salvation after washing up on a strange island.

In Blind Fish you take on the role of a ship’s captain who washes up on a mysterious island after his ship is wrecked in a storm. The island seems particularly oppressive and inhospitable, but you do manage to find a small house which contains some notes. The notes tell you to get off the island as soon as possible and to follow the sound of the monoliths.

The actual gameplay in Blind Fish is a little basic (you just wander around and follow the sounds of the obelisks), but the pixel art visuals and audio design are fantastic. The atmosphere is incredible and there’s a real sense of doom as you explore the wretched island. Will you manage to escape it?

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download Blind Fish Here

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