Block Shot – Browser Game

Block Shot is a simple looking but very cleverly designed little puzzle platformer where you use your ability to spawn three individual blocks to help you navigate each level.

In Block Shot you control a little cubic character who can shoot out three individual blocks and use them as platforms to help make their way through each level. You can shoot them directly in front of you or you can shoot them upwards, and they’re not only useful as platforme – you can use them to block hazards too.

The graphics are very simple and the ability to spawn thee blocks may not seem particularly groundbreaking, but Block Shot really excels in its excellent level design. It’s full of incredibly creative puzzles that requires you to really think about your actions and use your block spawning skills in lots of inventive ways. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, C – Jump, X – Shoot Block, Up + X – Shoot Block Upwards, Z – Remove Blocks

Available On: All Browsers

Play Block Shot Here

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