Blood Trail – Browser Game

Blood Trail is a fun little retro styled first person horror game where you search for your missing friend and your dog in an icy arctic wilderness.

Created for the Brackeys 2022.2 game jam, Blood Trail is a fun little The Thing inspired first person horror game where your friend goes missing in an icy wilderness and you follow a blood trail to find him. It’s a long, dark and cold trek, but you do have a flare gun to light the way. Hopefully you’ll find your buddy and your dog before you find the thing that dragged them away!

It’s a simple, but effective little horror game that takes some fun turns during its short play time. You really feel alone and vulnerable as you follow the trail of blood through the snow and what awaits at the end of the trail would be best left alone!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Fire

Available On : Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Blood Trail Here

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