Bloodungeon – Browser Game


Bloodungeon is a highly addictive and super tough, high speed dungeon crawler in which you have only 10 seconds to traverse each deadly, hazard filled screen.

You have trespassed into a dungeon and angered the dark spirit that controls it.  You now must escape – and speed is of the essence as a bomb will go off if you don’t complete each screen within 10 seconds.  What follows if an intense, skill based experience that’s reminiscent of Super Meat Boy, but played from a top down dungeon crawling perspective.

Each successive screen in Bloodungeon is filled with even more deviously placed traps that will turn your little adventurer into a blood splatter and a decapitated head if you connect with them.  Crucially in a game that kills you so often, you restart immediately (although the blood splatters remain on the floor as a reminder of your incompetence.)

Bloodungeon really impresses with it’s charming (and gory) pixel art animation, excellent soundtrack and super fast, super challenging gameplay.  Give this game 10 seconds – you really won’t regret it.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Bloodungeon Here

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