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Bomb Fingers is an incredibly tough brain testing puzzle game in which you try to remember which fingers are placed where whilst diffusing a bomb.

In Bomb Fingers you take control of a particularly dexterous bomb defusal expert who must follow instructions to the letter to stop a bomb from going off. In the game you have ten fingers, each corresponding to a number from 1 to 0 on your keyboard. You can move any individual finger by pressing the corresponding number then pressing the letter on the keyboard you want to move it to (or spacebar to remove the finger completely).

As you play your boss will tell you to place a finger on a letter or remove that finger completely to stop the bomb from exploding. This is quite easy initially, but the difficulty soon ramps up as you’re required to use more and more fingers. The reason being that all of the fingers look identical so you can’t tell which one corresponds to the number simply by looking at them – you have to remember which finger you have placed where, which is pretty tough with your boss continually ordering you to move them! See how well you do in Bomb Fingers – pressing a few keys can’t be that hard……can it?

Controls: 1-0 – Select Finger, Spacebar – Remove finger Rest of Keyboard – Select Letter

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Bomb Fingers Here

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  1. The menu and intro work fine but once I get to the actual game the fingers don’t move no matter which buttons I press. 🙁

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