Bomb The Right Place – Browser Game

Bomb the right place game

Bomb The Right Place is a satirical swipe at America’s foreign diplomatic policies and a damning indictment of how crap your own knowledge of geography is, as you set out to drop bombs as accurately as possible on cities that at harbouring enemies of the US.

The world has started to think America is weak, and as commander-in-chief, it’s up to you to prove them all wrong. In each scenario you’re given, you receive intel such as ‘you’ve detected ground movement of enemy forces’ or ‘a drone operator thinks he saw someone suspicious’ and a city name (usually in the middle east). You’re then given two options ‘lets look at diplomatic options’ or ‘BOMB THEM’ – obviously you can’t choose the first option as that would make America look weak so you must bomb them. The only problem is that the map you are given to select where the bomb gets dropped has no country or city names on it – it just has the outlines of the various countries. It’s up to you (and your dubious knowledge of world geography) to pinpoint the spot where your target city is as accurately as possible.

Unless your knowledge of geography is superb, then it’s likely that you’ll never actually manage to get a direct hit on your target (a little like real US drone strikes), but as long as you get reasonably close to the target those terrorists are bound to get the message! Right?

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Bomb The Right Place Here

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