Bonseki – Browser Game


Bonseki is a minimalistic physics based puzzler, in which you shift gravity to make fire, sand, water and wood interact with each other in unique ways to eliminate each other.

The different colored elements have distinct physical properties and interact with each other in different ways – water extinguishes fire, fire burns wood and sand, water grows wood, and sand soaks up water.  You shift the gravity in different directions in order to cause these elements to move and react with and eliminate each other.

It’s a refinement of the excellent Ludum Game Jam creation Less Is More, and much like it’s predecessor, Bonseki impresses with it’s minimalist, physics-based take on the puzzle genre.  It’s the sort of game that’s fun to play and fun to play around with too, watching on as the various elements, move, flow and interact with each other in interesting ways.  A great play-toy and a unique physics-based puzzler that encourages experimentation.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Shift Gravity

Available On:  Browser & Android

Play Bonseki Here

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