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Boolean Escape is a creepy and disorientating first person puzzle game that sees you attempting to escape a shifting labyrinthine maze and use the keys created by previous players to escape (or trap you for eternity).

In Boolean Escape you must figure out the correct positions of switches and levers to open up hidden pathways that will allow you to make your way through the maze system you’re trapped in. It throws up lots of cool (and nasty) surprises and figuring out the correct way through the maze is great fun thanks to the cleverly designed game world. However, getting through the maze to the exit is only half of the problem – you also have to obtain a key that will allow you to escape.

Along the way through Boolean Escape you’ll come across a safety deposit box with a keypad that you can try and crack by pressing the number keys on your keyboard. There are no clues in the game about what the codes are, you simply have to try four digit codes and hope for the best. If you manage to match a code from a previous player you’ll be given their key, which you can then use to open the final door to the exit. But, you have no idea if the player has left you a good key or a bad key until you actually try it. Before you make your escape you can also make your own key and lock it up for future players, choosing the type of key and the code that it’ll be locked behind.

Boolean Escape really impresses with its stylish low rez visual design, creepy atmosphere, clever puzzles and the social aspect of relying on previous players for your escape keys (and finding out whether they’ve screwed you over or not). A cleverly crafted puzzle adventure that’s well worth checking out.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Interact

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here (Good Ending)

Download Boolean Escape Here

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