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boost game

BOOOST is a fun arcade action game in which you must avoid obstacles and boost away from the massive boss monster that’s chasing you.

BOOOST is easy to pick up thanks to it’s simplistic 2 button controls, but it’s very hard to beat (it’s not an endless score attack game though, there is an end if you can reach it).  You simply have to operate the left and right thrusters to manoeuvre the ship away from hazards and shoot the big boss spaceship that’s chasing you, with an aim of boosting far enough away from danger.  It’s a fun and addictive game, in which each attempt of escape is an adrenaline fuelled experience thanks to the wonderfully kinetic pixel art animation and the great soundtrack.

Controls:  A – Left Thruster,  D – Right Thruster

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Download BOOOST Here

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