Borgo The Cat – Download Game

Borgo The Cat is an adorable little physics based puzzle platformer that sees you attempting to maneuver a rotund little cat around its stylish minimalist game world.

In Borgo The Cat you control a rather overweight little cat which you have to roll and jump around each level to collect the meatball at the end (must be how he got so fat in the first place). The levels are fairly simple, but fun and you will have to rotate the camera sometimes to discover hidden objects that can come in handy.

The only criticism you can level at Borgo The Cat is that it’s too short, with just five levels and a (very cool) bonus one. It’d be nice to see an expanded version of the game as it’d be great to spend some more time with this adorable little fat cat. Still, even in its current form it’s a short and sweet fat feline adventure well worth rolling with.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard or Controller

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Borgo The Cat Here

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