Bounceball – Browser Game


Bounceball is a simple, fun and addictive little game that plays a little like a horizontal version of Breakout, with you moving a ball ever onwards along a conveyor belt, breaking blocks as you go.

Controls are simple, just press spacebar (or tap the screen) to move your ball forwards, bouncing on blocks and taking care not to fall through the gaps.  What makes things interesting are the special blocks and power-ups.  Gold blocks grant you extra points, red and white blocks make you bounce higher (your bounce slowly decreases over time), while ‘?’ blocks grant you random (and often distracting) power-ups – from first person view to a de-rezzed 8-bit visual filter.

With it’s novel take on the age-old Breakout formula, Bounceball is a blast – a simple premise, expertly done, that will have you block bouncing your way to a coveted high score.

Controls: Spacebar – Move Ball Forwards

Available On: Unity Supported Browsers (Free), Android (Paid)

Play or Download Bounceball Here

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