Bouncy Goat Climb – Downloadable Game

Bouncy Goat Climb is a silly rage-quit inducing physics based platformer where you attempt to bounce a goat on a spacehopper to the top of a mountain.

Drawing from the same rage-quit filled well as Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy, Bouncy Goat Climb is a deliberately frustrating physics-based platformer where you attempt to scale a mountain on a spacehopper. You continually bounce and attempt to direct those bounces using a mouse or controller. The platforms you’re trying to bounce on are (initially at least) reasonably large, but even so, your imprecise bouncing makes it pretty tricky to navigate them and if you miss then you’ll slide down the mountain until you land on a lower platform.

Nearly everything about Bouncy Goat Climb is there to cause frustration and anger, but even still it’s an oddly addictive experience that’s hard to put down. The sort of game you’ll love to hate!

Controls: Mouse or Control Pad

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Bouncy Goat Climb Here

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