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Bowsette in Mario 64 is a ridiculous (and inevitable) N64 rom mod that replaces Mario with Bowsette in Super Mario 64, complete with fire breathing abilities, big boobs and a kinky black outfit.

Created by the talented modder Kaze Emanuar (who created the excellent Super Mario 64 Odyssey), Bowsette in Mario 64 allows Bowsette fanatics to live out their dreams of being Bowsette in a Nintendo game. Due to the limited polygons available she does look a little bit odd and there are a few strange design choices – most notably her bow legged Waluigi-esque stance. It’s a fun little mod though and the fire that Bowsette breathes can do some serious damage – killing NPCs like Toad and even destroying environmental objects like trees.

Bowsette in Mario 64 isn’t the most sophisticated or game changing mod ever made, but (unless Nintendo suddenly develop a sense of humor about their IP’s then it’ll likely be the only way you can play as Bowsette in a Nintendo game for some time to come. Next up we need a Boosette mod!

Controls: Mappable In Emulator

Available On: N64 Emulators (Project64k core1.4_v0.13 Recommended)

Gameplay Video: Here

Note: You’ll Find Info On How To Run The Mod Here (And Info On Where to Get An Original Super Mario 64 ROM)

Download The Bowsette in Mario 64 Mod Here (or via Direct Link Here)

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