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BOXGAME is a gravity-bending three dimensional puzzle platformer in which you attempt to navigate cubic levels in which gravity is always orientated in the direction your character is standing.

Taking place over 15 increasingly complex levels, BOXGAME is a mind bending experience that will test your spacial awareness and problem solving skills as you navigate it’s dizzying boxy game worlds. You traverse each 3D mini-world by controlling your character in a 2D plane, flipping between planes as you pass their edges. Your goal in each level is to reach the exit (or grab a key and make it to the exit), but getting there can be a little tricky, especially once keys, hazards and different colored barriers are introduced.

It’s a cleverly designed game that adds a new element to the gameplay each time you think you’ve got it figured out. An innovative little puzzle platformer that thinks outside of the box.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download BOXGAME Here

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