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braains io game is a very cool multiplayer zombie tag game in which humans attempt to run and hide from zombies and hold barricades for as long as possible without getting infected. places a group of players in a small village, then gives them a short amount of time to arrange barricades and find hiding places. Once the time limit’s up one player is then selected to be the infected zombie and must hunt down and infect the rest of the players, growing their horde in the process. Players have to be smart when building their hiding places, blocking off entrances with furniture and planning escape routes – zombies are faster and more powerful than humans so are no match when out in the open. The longer you survive, the more cash you can make, which you can then use to purchase new characters and equipment.

It’s a fun game that brings the easily accessible browser based massively multiplayer gameplay to the zombie survival genre.  You don’t need braains to know how fun that can be!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse -Look

Available On: All Browsers

Play Here

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