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BREAKER is a reflex testing arcade game that plays like a blend of Breakout, Tempest and Ikaruga as you change colors to bounce bullets back at enemies and bosses.

In BREAKER you control a Breakout-esque paddle that you can move around the screen using the left and right buttons. If you’re the right color then you can bounce the enemy projectiles back at them, but the color you are is dictated by the last direction you moved in – so moving left turns you blue and moving right turns you red. Get hit by a bullet when you’re the wrong color and you’ll lose some health but you can gain a little health by defeating the various bosses you encounter.

It’s an addictive and challenging little arcade game that manages to make great use of its minimalistic two button control scheme. It takes a couple of minutes to wrap your head around the fact that your color is linked to your movement but with a bit of practice you’ll make your way up the leaderboards and unlock some of the 30+ bonus color palettes. Highly recommended.

Controls: A/D – Left/Right, Spacebar – Start

Available On: Windows & Android

Gameplay Video: Here

Download BREAKER Here

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