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Breaking Character

Breaking Character is a fabulously witty game played out entirely via a character creation section of an RPG, in which you create and customize your character, but also have to argue your case for going on the quest with the loved one that that character will leave behind!

As you create your character you can choose their gender, race, class, stats, equipment, traits, alignment, religion, voice, totem and tombstone, with each option having their own silly description (such as the barbarian who is too excited to fight that they often forget to put some clothes on, or a religion that worships narcotics and nachos). It’s great fun creating and customizing your character from all the crazy options, but that’s only half of what makes Breaking Character so good. After each customization stage, a short narrative will play out, with multiple choices of dialogue, in which your character and it’s partner argue about you going out on a dungeon crawling quest.

It’s a very funny and innovative game that not only allows you to create a character, but actually inserts you into their life too. Will you ignore your loved one and go on your quest? Sure, dungeon crawling is dangerous, but it’s what you were born to do and you could really do with the money!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows Only

Download Breaking Character Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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