Breeder: Homegrown – Downloadable Game


Breeder: Homegrown is an impressive pixel art adventure game, reminiscent of To The Moon, but with a much darker storyline, as an old man explores his old home, reliving past memories and remembering his monsters.

Breeder: Homegrown is standalone part of a trilogy of games that work independently from one another but take place in the same universe.  You play an old man who has escaped from the clinic where he’s spent most of his life and returns to his abandoned family home.  As you explore the old house, you’ll find items that jog the memory of past events, allowing you to relive them.  Most of these memories are unhappy ones, with you and your father coping with the loss of your mother, and then there are the monsters in a creepy underground world that you have to deal with.

With it’s intense atmosphere, great audio/visual design and exceptional writing Breeder: Homegrown weaves a dark and mature story that really draws you in.  To The Moon, with monsters.

Controls:  WASD/Arrow Keys – Movement, E/Spacebar -Examine, I – Inventory

Available On: Windows Only

Download Breeder: Homegrown Here (Name Your Own Price or Free)

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