Brexit Bus – Browser Game

Brexit Bus is a fun little game that sees you attempting to drive the Brexit Bus along a course that faithfully represents the ups and (mostly) downs that the Great British Pound/Euro exchange rate has taken since that infamous Brexit Referendum announcement.

A lot has happened to the GBP/Euro exchange rate since the Brexit Referendum was announced. The net result is that the pound is now substantially less valuable than it once was, but to put it all into perspective and witness the ups and downs of the British economy first hand why not drive a bus over it?

The bus in question is the Brexit Bus, a now infamous piece of mobile propaganda by the Vote Leave Brexit campaign that had the phrase “We send the EU £360 million a week. Let’s Fund our NHS instead”. It may come as no surprise that even with the UK leaving the NHS will never see an of that money, but the bus sure makes for a fun little vehicle to traverse the peaks and falls of the GBP/Euro exchange rate!

The gameplay in Brexit Bus is like a simplified version of Trials, with you simply having to press the spacebar to control your acceleration, with an aim of driving your way through the whole brexit debacle as fast as possible without causing it to crash. It can be quite tricky, keeping the bus balanced, but with a little practice you can make it through without too much hassle and start chasing a fastest time (the NHS still won’t see any of that money though!)

Controls: Spacebar – Accelerate

Available On: All Browsers

Play Brexit Bus Here

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