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Brief Karate Foolish download

Brief Karate Foolish is an incredible new game that allows players to take part in the ultimate 1 on 1 Battle – as digitised Japanese men beat the crap out of each other in their underwear for a chance to win a set of legendary black underpants!

To call Brief Karate Foolish bat shit crazy would be doing a disservice to bat shit. In the game you choose from a selection of eccentric brief-wearing Japanese men and take part in a tournament where the winner gets to take home the reigning champions mighty black briefs. There’s an odd blend of Japanese, Spanish and English language used in the game, making its parodical Japanese gameplay feel that much more authentic and enjoyable. Each fighter has their own unique style and special moves, all of which are hilarious to see in action and make for some thoroughly entertaining matches.

Sure, it may not quite have the flowing combat and finesse that Street Fighter has, but Brief Karate Foolish contains 100% more Japanese men fighting in their underpants which is a far more crucial element in a competitive fighting game. Ken and Ryu may have their Fireballs, but it takes real balls to enter the ring in just your undies!

Controls: Keyboard & Control Pad

Available On: Windows

Download Brief Karate Foolish Here

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