BroBots – Downloadable Game


BroBots is a highly addictive single player co-op game in which you control two characters independently as you attempt to kill as many enemies as possible and rack up a high score.

You control Lil Bro and Big Bro with separate sticks on your joypad (or separate sides of the keyboard), with the indestructible Lil Bro able to charge at enemies and kill them, while Big bro stays out of harms way and collects the coins.  Collect enough coins and you’ll be able to unleash a devastating Lil Bro Laser or Big Bro Bomb that can help clear the screen of the advancing hordes.

It takes a little while to get used to the control scheme, but once you do, BroBots is a blast, offering fast paced and super-fun arcade action.  A fun arcade shooter that impresses with it’s charming pixel art visuals, super-catchy soundtrack and addictive dual-control gameplay.

Controls:  Left Analoge Stick – Move Lil Bro,  Right Analogue Stick – Move Big Bro,  L Trigger – Lil Bro Laser,  R Trigger – Fire Big Bro Laser

Available On:  Win, Mac & Linux

Download BroBots Here (Win, Mac & Linux)

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