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BrowserQuest Game

BrowserQuest is a fun little massively multiplayer browser based Zelda-style RPG in which you can team up with other players, slay monsters, collect cool loot and battle bosses!

BrowserQuest offers easily accessible, retro RPG action with charming pixel art visuals and a welcoming social atmosphere where it’s easy to band together with other players and go on an adventure. It’s controlled entirely with the mouse, with you pointing and clicking where you’d like to more to, objects you interact with or enemies you battle. There’s no XP as such, but as you explore the world, you’ll collect cool new weaponry and armor that will aid in your battles against powerful opponents. It doesn’t take too long to complete at the moment, but hopefully the devs will add a little more content int he future.

It’s a fun game, with simple, but addictive dungeon crawling RPG adventuring, easily accessible massively multiplayer gaming and a charming game world that’s a joy to explore. A browser based quest well worth embarking on!

Controls: Mouse – Point & click

Available On:  All Browsers

Play BrowserQuest Here

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