Brutal Minecraft Eternal – DOOM Total Conversion Mod

Brutal Minecraft Eternal is a fantastic DOOM total conversion mod where you rip and tear through Minecraft’s vibrant blocky world.

Forget “does it run DOOM?”, the real question now is “does DOOM run Minecraft?”. And as far as Brutal Minecraft Eternal goes, yes it does. Obviously there’s no voxel-based building/mining or crafting going on, but what you do get is fast paced run ‘n gun fun as you blast your way through hordes of Minecraft monsters.

Brutal Minecraft Eternal features 25 weapons (from the humble Minecraft sword to rocket launchers, sniper guns and flamethrowers), some of which you can even dual wield. All the classic Minecraft monsters are there too, including a couple of big bosses to deal with. The main enemy type being zombies, which are fairly easy to dispatch, but your movement is a little slower than DOOM and the reload speeds are a little slow so you can easily become overwhelmed when they attack in numbers (which they do often!)

It’s a perfect mash-up of two of the biggest games in gaming history, with the vibrant visuals and blocky charm of Minecraft’s world making for a perfect place for some brutal run n’ gun FPS action. It’s also packed full of great little touches and easter eggs – such as a Minecraft styled recreation of the first level in DOOM 2. It really is a ton of fun. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows (DOOM Mod)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Brutal Minecraft Eternal Here

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