– Browser Game is an massively multiplayer browser based brawler that sees you attempting to pummel your opponents and grow to be the biggest brute in the arena.

As with any .io game, is easy to pick up and play, with you able to load up the website and start beating up opponents within seconds. Your aim is to beat up your opponents, gather the orbs they drop and evolve to become the biggest brute in the arena. The bigger you get, the tougher and more powerful you get, but you also get slower and having a big crown over your head really makes you a target for other players. Scattered around the arena there are also handy power ups such as rockets, bombs and boxing gloves that may aid your cause.

It’s a simple, but fun browser based multiplayer brawler with nice visual design and gameplay that can get quite competitive once you’ve evolved your brute a bit. The combat has a little more skill and tactical nuance involved than in most style games and you can grow your little brutes quite quickly. Well worth checking out for some browser based brute brawling brutality.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Attack (Hold For Charged Punch)

Available On: All Browsers

Note: It is possible to switch to Fullscreen Mode by going into the Menu

Play Here

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