Bumpers & Broadswords – Downloadable Game

Bumpers & Broadswords features an inventive fusion of billiards, Sumo wrestling and turn-based combat as you attempt to destroy or whack your rival’s units out of the arena.

Created by hwilson (creator of Chess is Stupid and King of Machines) Bumpers & Broadswords is a lighthearted little turn-based strategy game with some very novel gameplay mechanics. In the game you can purchase uniquely skilled classes of units called “Bumpers” and add up to four of them to your team. You then face off against a selection of opponents in different arenas .

You attack your opponent by lining up a shot, much like in a game of pool/billiards, then releasing to propel your Bumper at your rival’s bumper. To win a match you need to either knock your opponent’s Bumpers out of the ring or destroy them. There are also useful power-ups to collect and loot, which can be used to purchase more Bumpers. IIf you manage to destroy enough of your rival’s bumpers you’ll level up your Bumpers and earn new abilities.

Some of the later matches feel a little unfair (you’ll need a lot of luck to win them), but aside from that, it’s an excellent game with a very clever fusion of different gameplay elements. A great little fantasy combat game well worth bumping into.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Aim, Z – Launch Bumper, X – Cancel

Available On: Windows

Download Bumpers & Broadswords Here

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