Bumpers & Broadswords: Maximum – Downloadable Game

Bumpers & Broadswords: Maximum is a Yu-Gi-Oh! and Beyblade inspired bumper-collecting RPG where you attempt to infiltrate a sinister corporation via a bumper battling tournament.

Bumpers & Broadswords: Maximum is a sequel/expansion of the excellent original Bumpers & Broadswords which infuses it with much more narrative and RPG content. In the game you take on the role of a covert operative who has been tasked with infiltrating Bumpercorp – a sinister organization that runs the Tower Trial Tournament. You will have to enter into the tournament and battle your way up the tower and discover Bumpercorp’s secrets.

As you explore the tower you will chat to various NPCs, do a little sokobahn style box-sliding and battle rivals. The battles are turn-based and see you facing off in 1v1 fights where each player has four bumpers under their command. The bumpers have unique stats and abilities and you damage rival bumpers by bashing into them with your own. As you progress you unlock more bumpers which you can add to your 4 bumper loadout for battles.

It’s a fantastic game with a cleverly implemented battle system and easily accessible gameplay all wrapped up in a well crafted narrative-driven RPG adventure. You won’t regret bumping into Bumpers & Broadswords: Maximum.

Controls: Keyboard or Controller

Available On: Windows

Download Bumpers & Broadswords: Maximum Here

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