Bustrip Arcana – Downloadable Game

Bustrip Arcana is a mind-bending experience that you can visit daily to have a bus transport you from the Netherworld to procedurally generated destinations that are astrologically relevant to your life.

You can play Bustrip Arcana every day and the location you visit will be totally different. It calls itself a “Daily City Generator Horoscope”, with each location you visit deemed to have some astrological significance to your life. Whether that’s true is debatable, but they are fascinating places and the experience does feel oddly mystical.

You start the game in a strange Netherworld where you can complete strange rituals and get on a bus. The bus then takes you to a daily generated location that allows you to explore on foot or fly around (with some cool kaleidoscopic effects). Each trip lasts around 10 minutes and you’ll never visit the same place twice. See what strange places this magical mystery tour takes you!

Controls: WASD – Movement, E – Interact, Spacebar – Fly, Mouse – Look

Available On: Windows

Download Bustrip Arcana Here

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