Buttlympics: Explosive Diarrhea Pole Vaulting – Browser Game

Buttlympics: Explosive Diarrhea Pole Vaulting is a hilariously crude pole-vaulting game where butts with explosive diarrhea attempt to jump as high as possible.

Created by andyman404 (creator of Sound Typist and An Obstacle Course For Unconventional Humans), Buttlympics: Explosive Diarrhea Pole Vaulting features a very silly take the Olympic sport of Pole Vaulting. It’s controlled entirely with just one button, with you mashing the spacebar to run faster, holding the spacebar to plant yoru pole and releasing the spacebar to release a propulsive jet of diarrhea. The skill comes in figuring out the best timings of those spacebar presses and releases.

It’s a fun little game with a delightfully silly premise, a charmingly crude visual style and oddly addictive gameplay. The fact that it follows the official(ish) olympic pole vaulting rules of incremental height increases does mean that it gets a little repetitive as it takes a while to get up to the more challenging heights. That said, it’s still a lot of fun and the sight of an ass with legs pole vaulting then releasing a jet of diarrhea is guaranteed to make you smile!

Controls: Spacebar

Available On: Browser

Play Buttlympics: Explosive Diarrhea Pole Vaulting Here

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