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Buzzkill: Episode One is a surreal point and click visual novel interspersed with weird mini-games in which you play a psychotic anthropomorphic fly who works as a bartender and murders people.

Aside from the two short minigames in Buzzkill: Episode One your interactions with the game are pretty minimal. It takes around ten minutes to play through and features a surreal and sometimes shocking narrative relayed through a series of stylish hand drawn storyboards. It tells a story of a half human half fly bartender who murders his customers and who may or may not be trapped within a dream.

It’s a short, strange and surreal adventure that makes for a unique and unsettling experience. A freaky little game that feels like what the results would be if David Lynch ever turned his hand to gaming.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click. Arrow Keys – Movement

Available On: Windows Only

Warning: Contains scenes of graphic violence and brief nudity

Note: If You Like Buzzkill Episode One, Check Out Episode Two For More Psychotic Fly-man Adventures!

Download Buzzkill: Episode One Here

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  1. Weirdest game I’ve ever played but I kind of dig that about it, haha!
    Great write up as always.
    Gameplay –

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