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Confinement Room Game

C_finement R__m is a unique little puzzle platformer in which you’re given clues in the form of riddles and word puzzles about which letter on the keyboard you’re supposed to press to allow you to escape the room.

In C_finement R__m you move your character with the arrow keys and must guess which of the 24 letters on your keyboard activates the platforms to allow you to reach the exit. Each room has a different clue that can range from a Wheel of Fortune-style missing letters (so to exit the room marked ‘C_finement R__m’ you’d press ‘O’, to complex codes that require you to figure out the next letter in a series). Guess the correct letter from the clue and you’ll activate the platforms that will allow you to reach the exit, but guess incorrectly and the walls will start to close in and eventually squash you like a trash compactor if you fail too often.

It’s a fun premise that throws up a nice selection of puzzles that range from simple to infuriatingly tough (though there is a hints.txt that comes with the download). A clever little collection of riddles well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Full Keyboard – Guess Letter

Available On: Windows

Download C_finement R__m Here

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