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With Caller’s Bane, Mojang’s strategic digital collectible card game, Scrolls is back, 100% free and sporting a name change (possibly to avoid being sued by Bethesda again).

Caller’s Bane is a totally free community hosted re-release of the Mojang’s previously cancelled Scrolls game. Originally announced in 2011 and shut down in February this year, Scrolls had a good fanbase but failed to find a foothold in a market that was saturated by CCG’s after the success of Hearthstone. However now that the market is saturated by another genre of game (Battle Royale), Caller’s Bane may finally be able to shine.

For those who haven’t tried Scrolls/Caller’s Bane before, it’s a collectible card game that sees players using Creature, Spell, Structure and Enchantment Scrolls to destroy three of their opponent’s idols on the other side of the battlefield. Each unit you place has three basic stats – Attack Power, Health and Countdown. Attack Power and Health are fairly explanatory, but the Countdown indicates how long you have to wait until the unit attacks. As you progress you’ll unlock more scrolls to customise your deck with and give you the edge over your opponents in battle.

As the servers are now community based, with the main one being hosted by the community, you won’t be able to transfer your previous data from your Scrolls account. However all of your new progress will be tracked in the community servers and you can even set up your own server with your own custom rules if you like.

It’s a unique and very strategic take on the CCG genre, with a high level of polish and easily accessible gameplay. Scrolls is dead, long live Caller’s Bane!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Caller’s Bane Here

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