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Calzone’s Adventure is a charming and challenging retro action platforming adventure where you help a cat make his way through a dangerous city to his home.

Feeling very much like a callback to the classic 16 bit era of action platformers, Calzone’s Adventure sees you taking control of a cute little cat called Calzone as he makes his way through Staple City back to his home. The city is divided into four areas, each of which contains four normal side-scrolling levels, four single-screen puzzle levels and one boss fight. Calzone is quite an agile kitty, able to jump, attack and clamber up ledges, but he’ll also learn useful new skills as he makes his way through the city (such as dashing and wall jumping).

Taking around an hour to play through, Calzone’s Adventure is a great little retro platforming adventure that impresses with its catch chiptune soundtrack, excellent pixel art animation, challenging gameplay and large secret-filled levels. It feels very much like a love letter to the 16 bit era of platforming, with a focus on exploration and puzzle solving rather then pixel perfect precision jumping. What sort of madman names their cat Calzone though??

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, X – Dash, C – Jump, V – Attack

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Calzone’s Adventure Here

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