Camp Snuggle – Browser Game

Camp Snuggle is a fun little high-score chasing game that sees you arranging old Japanese campers around a campfire to keep them warm on a freezing cold night.

In Camp Snuggle you are in charge of arranging a bunch of old campers around a campfire to stop them freezing to death. You start with an empty cam-site, but more and more campers come for warmth as you progress. You have to grab the campers and drop them somewhere near the fire so they can warm up and get rested. Try not to nudge other campers as you move them though as it will interrupt their rest and take them longer to become satisfied.

Once they’ve warmed up and rested a little love heart will appear above their heads and you can move them away from the fire. Each satisfied camper that you remove from the area will earn you points, with you earning multipliers if you remove a few in quick succession.

It’s a fun little game with a wonderfully quirky premise, great audio/visual design and challenging camper-arranging gameplay that can feel a little like a physics based Tetris game as you try and squash as many bodies in the area as possible. How many campers can you satisfy?

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click and Drag, Mouse Wheel – Rotate Camper

Available On: Windows & Browser

Gameplay Video: Here

Download or Play Camp Snuggle Here

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