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Cardiac is an equally gross and beautiful surreal horror game where you use tendrils to propel a big fleshy heart through a strange black and white world.

In Cardiac your tendrils are your only form of locomotion. You shoot them out and latch onto the environment with R2/RMB then pull yourself forward by using L2/LMB – a little like if Spider-Man was a big fleshy heart rather than an angsty teenage boy. In each area of the game your aim is usually just to reach an end goal, which isn’t too tricky, but the scenery and odd method of propulsion make for a very interesting and unique experience.

Each new environment in Cardiac is an incredible sight to behold, full of surreal sights and grotesque beauty. It’s a bizarre black and white nightmare world made of flesh, steel and bone – a place where your weird monstrous tendril heart seems to fit right in, though never manages to find a home. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Aim, RMB – Reach Out With Tendrils, LMB – Pull Tendrils

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Cardiac Here

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