CardioCasino – Browser Game

CardioCasino is a strange little slot machine simulator that explores how your childhood can affect your life expectancy.

In CardioCasino you try your hand at a slot machine where the prize isn’t money, it’s time. After inserting your coin you are given a full life bar on the right side of the slot machine and the results of your rolls affect how long that life lasts for. Green symbols make your life bar fill up and red symbols maks your life bar decrease, when your life bar reaches zero then it’s game over.

The red and green symbols represent different aspects of your life during your childhood and if you get two or more of the same symbol then you will be rewarded with an interactive memory of that childhood. There are eight memories in total to collect, after which you can unlock an ending of sorts for the game.

CardioCasino is based on real research and the stories of real people, and although the message of “poorer people with unhappy childhoods have a more stressful life and shorter lifespan”, isn’t particularly revelatory, it’s an interesting little game with a great art style and a unique concept. See how you fare in this gambling game of life!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play CardioCasino Here

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