Cards with the Devil – Downloadable Game

Cards with the Devil is a Buckshot Roulette style high-stakes game of tactical chance where you play rock, paper, scissors against the devil.

In Cards with the Devil you have sold your soul to the devil for a chance to grant what you most desire. However, the Devil has a game to play with you and losing really isn’t an option. The game is a card-based 1v1 game of rock, paper, scissors, with a few twists…

You both start with two of each card and you lay them with an aim of beating the Devil (rock beats scissors, etc). The cards are placed in a discard pile when used, so, for instance, if the Devil has laid a scissors card then ei’s less likely to lay another one as he has fewer of them. You need to use this knowledge and a selection of special cards to try and beat him. For every game you lose he’ll chop the limbs of two of your friends and eventually you too.

It’s a little on the easy side once you figure out the best tactics, but it’s a fun little horror game that does a good job of making rock, paper, scissors more of a tactical (and tense) experience. See if you can play your cards right!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows, Linux & Browser

Download or Play Cards with the Devil Here

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