Castle GAFA 3D & Windows 93 – Browser Game

windows 93

Castle GAFA 3D is a very cool browser based reskin of Wolfenstein 3D that replaces Hitler with Mark Zuckerburg and is played on a fake Windows 93 operating system, filled with fun little easter eggs – from a glitched out version of Pokemon to pretty much the entire Star Wars Episode IV movie recreated in ASCII.

Created by Jankenpopp and Zombectro, the Castle GAFA 3D game itself is a quirky little oddity that sees you roaming a very different looking Castle Wolfenstein than usual – packed with pictures of tech guru’s such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburg, and replacing all the item pick-ups with desktop icons. Where it really comes into it’s own though, is when you close Castle GAFA 3D and start to play around with the rest of the desktop…

The fake Windows 93 desktop is packed with all manner of awesome little programs to play around with and secrets to discover. Some highlights include a fake virus (hydra – can be fixed by clicking the doctor program), a playable glitched out version of Pokemon, a Snake knockoff, a text adventure and Star Wars Episode IV recreated in ASCII (with a wicked little punchline). Even this is just scratching the surface though – as you delve deeper and deeper into the rabit hole that is the fully functional file system, there are hundreds of easter eggs and throwaway jokes to find (check out this Reddit thread for more info).

Forget Windows 10 or El Capitan, this is the only operating system that you need. Highly recommended.

Controls:  Mouse & Keyboard

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Castle GAFA 3D Here

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