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castlearena io game is an addictive and very fast paced 1v1 browser based real time strategy card game that’s all about deciding the correct units and buildings to create.

In players start the game with their castles and a couple of turrets at opposite sides of the screen. There’s a steady stream of income that can be used to lay cards which create basic buildings that generate units and resources, and you can also purchase lone infantry. The various types of troops that are generated by the buildings or by players placing them will then march down either the top or the bottom lane of the screen and automatically attack anything they come across.

You start with a default deck of cards, but can customize your deck from the main title screen – while you’re there it’s worth checking out the properties of each card as you’ll be too busy to do it during the game. The buildings will generally create a couple of units and then be destroyed, but they also generate gold or wood that can be used to build more units. As you progress you can also unlock purchase upgrades for your entire army, such as increased HP or faster gold income.

The matches in are usually over in around five minutes and as you don’t have direct control of your troops, it’s generally the player with the best financial strategy that will win. It’s a streamlined take on the real time strategy genre that offers easily accessible castle storming battles with a nice amount of depth. A fun little strategy game well worth laying siege to.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click, 1-8 – Hotkeys

Available On: All Browsers

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