Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny – Download Game

Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny is a fantastic fan made Castlevania DOOM total conversion mod that recreates the entirety of the first NES Castlevania game in first person, allowing players to experience Simon’s classic quest from an entirely new perspective!

Created in the GZDoom engine by Andrea Gori, Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny puts you in the shoes of Simon Belmont as he cracks his whip at the zombies, skeletons, bats and other monsters that lurk in Dracula’s castle. All the levels from the original NES game are there, including the showdown with Dracula at the end, but you’ll need some real skill to get there – it’s a very tough gamed health power-ups are pretty scarce.

Being built in the GZDoom engine, the movement and combat in Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny is smooth and very fast, and visually it looks like an authentic Castlevania game. It feels great cracking your whip at Dracula’s minions in first person and there’s lots to discover (and lots to kill you) as you explore the castle. A fabulous fan made adventure that allows you to experience Castlevania in a whole new way. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard (Re-Mappable)

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux (GZDoom)

Gameplay Video: Here

Note: The keyboard and mouse bindings may be a little screwy on first booting up GZDoom. You can customize the bindings in the options menu. Enable “Always Autorun” and Make sure “Mouselook” is switched on or you won’t be able to look up and down!

Download Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny Here (Requires GZDoom to Play)

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