Cat Suicide – Download & Browser Game

cat suicides 2

Cat Suicide is a funny little game in which you play a suicidal cat who must find 9 different way to kill itself and lose all of it’s lives.

You can’t use the same method of suicide twice, so you’ll have to be inventive with your suicides, searching high and low for things which are hazardous to cats (with some surprising results).  It’s never disclosed quite why your cat is suicidal, but it’s a funny experience attempting to discover the many ways to bump it off.

There’s are a few tough edges in Cat Suicide (mainly due to the camera), but on the whole it’s a blast.  A short, silly and wicked cat killing adventure.

Controls:  WASD – Movement,  Spacebar – Jump,  E – Action

Available On:  Windows & Browser

Download or Play Cat Suicide Here

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